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Indigenous Cooking Solutions

WFS Occasional Paper #2

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      Indigenous cooking techniques are not generally covered in much of the available survival literature, and those techniques covered tend to be limited to hangis, clambakes, Yukon stoves and such like. This WFS Occasional Paper is about broadening the mind, and know-how, so that if you do find yourself in an unusual environment you can think outside the box.

That you are reading this page via in interweb possibly suggests you come from an affluent, material, Western background with all the trimming to make existence bearable (computer games, DVD, readymade food, and turn-key power)...

Many folks in other corners of the globe are a lot less fortunate. Some live on the edge of existence and subsistence, but show remarkable resiliance, strength and determination. In some ways the bushcrafter can learn much from these peoples - not least in their strategies for cooking food.

WFS OP2 looks at around one hundred examples of 'local' solutions to cooking food around the world... from fire pits, mud and clay stoves to more sophisticated (but still primitive) stoves of metal construction, plus a few modern bushcrafting and survivalist 'takes' on outdoor cooking solutions. There are also various stove construction tips and notes of fuel and thermal efficiency.

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Format: 38 pages, A4, laminated covers, spiral bound.
Price: 30 including P&P

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