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Urban Foraging eBook - FREE

Wanted to know more about foraging for wild foods in an urban or metropolitan environment, well the FREE WFS Urban Foraging Guide will help you get on the right tracks.

This Foraging Guide in PDF format covers about 50 plants, trees and shrubs which have something to offer the urban forager, with images of about 20 main edible species.

The format is designed to allow you to print out the pictures on standard 10 x 15 cm. photo paper and then bind them together (with or without laminating the pages). Just print out all the ODD pages numbers and then repeat the process with the EVEN pages.

Correctly printed out you will find plant picture and text side by side like the example below.

Urban Foraging Guide

Click wfsURBANGUIDE.pdf  to download [approx. 2.4Mb]

** If you're more interested in food and water in disaster and emergency survival situations (also in urban areas) you might like to take a look at the new book Armageddon Kitchen & Doomsday Kitchen over on this page >>> ...

Also available to download:
The Cornwall Foraging Guide  [approx. 2.7Mb]
The Riverside Foraging Guide  [approx. 2.1Mb]

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