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Foraging and Wild Food Cookery Videos

Where to look for wild foods and how to prepare them! Wild Food School's foraging and wild food videos can be seen on YouTube via the links below (each opens in a new window). New additions will be added as time permits.

YouTube video trailer (90 secs.)
A brief insight into the forthcoming WFS OCCASIONAL PAPER #2 on Indigenous Cooking Solutions with around 100 examples of how other peoples in less advantaged parts of the world deal with their cooking strategies. Be humbled, and learn.

Foraging in Spring
Foraging video about some northern temperate Springtime edible plants.

FORAGING Times Video #1
Woodlands can be problematic to forage in. This foraging video briefly outlines the good and bad points.

Edible Thistles
A number of thistles have edible parts and this short wild food video gives an insight into preparing the Creeping / Field Thistle (Cirsium arvense) as human food.

Cooking Burdock Dhal
Fancy a spicy Indian dish? Then follow this short wild food video guide into transforming burdock.

Cooking with Borage stems
Sometimes used herbally, and occasionally in cuisine, this video shows the preparation of borage stems for use in the kitchen.

Also, WFS is involved in a new wild food video series called Wild Food Mentor to be launched in October. There's a short trailer HERE and also at the Wild Food Mentor website where you can sign up.

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